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2016 My Sun Sets to Rise Again (producer)
2015 The Girl Is in Trouble (producer)
2011 Mooz-lum (producer)
2010 USA in ICU (producer)
2009 Running America (Supervising producer)
2009 Karma, Confessions and Holi (co-producer)
2006 The Memsahib (producer)
2005 Wait (short) (line producer)
2004 Andre Royo’s Big Scene (short)(producer)
2003 Love & Orgasms (producer)
2002 The Life (short) (executive producer)
2000 Box Marley (producer)
1997 Hav Plenty (co-producer)


2016 My Sun Sets to Rise Again
2010 USA in ICU (documentary)
2003 Love & Orgasms


2016 My Sun Sets to Rise Again
2003 Love & Orgasms

Dana Offenbach is an award winning Writer, Producer & Director and member of the prestigious Producers Guild of America and New York Women in Film & Television. Her films have won Best Narrative Feature, Best Screenplay, Best of Festival, World Premiere Honors, Honorable Mention, and an NAACP Nomination for Outstanding Independent Feature.

Dana has had a long and varied journey, and her credits include feature films, TV, shorts, television commercials, awards show segments, public service announcements, interstitial programming, documentaries and music videos. She is a writer, producer and director and moves seamlessly between these disciplines depending on the project.

In 2011 Dana opened her indie production company CinemaStreet Pictures, LLC in her hometown of New York City. The company produces original content for worldwide distribution on all platforms with annual budgets in the millions. (Website below)

In 2018 CinemaStreet developed and produced a half hour comedy pilot titled Stick Men which is currently in post production. The company will shop the show this year.

In 2011 in a groundbreaking partnership with AMC Theaters, Dana independently distributed Qasim Basir’s MOOZ-lum which she produced. The film starred Danny Glover, Evan Ross, Nia Long, Roger Guinevere Smith and Dorian Missick. She secured independent theatrical distribution in Canada, the UK, Dubai, and Kuwait, as well as DVD, television and digital distribution. CinemaStreet Pictures now has a “direct to theater” relationship with AMC Independent due to success of this effort.
In 2006 Dana spent 3 months in India producing “The Memsahib,” an 1850’s period feature, released by Red Letter Pictures In India. She returned to India in 2016 to write, produce and direct her short film, My Sun Sets to Rise Again. a dramatic story of forbidden love and one woman’s dreams that are bigger than the caste system that has suppressed her family for generations. Years after meeting a precocious ten-year-old girl born in the maids’ quarter of an Indian Palace whose family had been bred for generations to serve the Maharaja and Maharani, Dana wondered about the girl’s fate, and this became the inspiration for the film’s story.
Dana is developing both books and series content based on both true and fictional stories.

Dana has been a judge for several film grants and lectured to the Graduate Program at City College and Yonkers Middle School. She has appeared on several panels, most notably Navigating the Film Festival Circuit, Women Breaking Barriers at the Apollo Theater, The Social Experience of Media for Women In Media, Film Financing for New York Women In Film & Television, the Aspiring Filmmakers Bootcamp, the National Producer’s Conference, The Coalition of Asian Pacific Entertainers, The Black Documentary Collective, Hysterical Festival (women comedy writers), Jim Arnoff’s “Pitching with Conviction: Become a Master” interactive workshop and the Film Financing panel for NY Women In Film & Television.

Dana has produced in India, Brazil, Ireland and South Africa.

For more information please visit:

Website: www.cinemastreet.net
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dana_Offenbach
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0644382/

Free The Bid: http://freethebid.com/directors/dana-offenbach/